Mosaic reredos - memorial to the WWI fallen


Physical Description
Memorial mosaic above communion table at east end of sanctuary. No inscription.
Historical Details
On the eastern wall of the sanctuary, above the communion table, is an opus sectile mosaic reredos erected in 1921 as a memorial to soldiers from the parish who died in World War I. It is based on Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting, “The Last Supper”, the original being an oil fresco painted on the end wall of the Madonna del Grasie, Milan, an old monastery, and has been described by Richter as “the most perfect composition in the history of painting of all ages.” A very detailed description of the Reredos was published in the Examiner in June 1921. See linked article for description.
mosaic tiles (glazed ceramic)
Dating of Item
1921 to present

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December 13 2023;;July 8 1921;
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