Index of Historical Documents

With a history stretching back to the early decades of the 19th century, St. John’s Church has many thousands of documents – letters, accounts, reports and more. The late Jenny Gill took on the challenge of creating an index for those documents, and successfully listed over 10000 of them from the 1820s to about 1980. As the decades went on, the number of documents seems to have increased exponentially, reflecting the growth of communication during the 19th and 20th centuries, and perhaps a greater awareness that documents assist greatly in telling the story of the church.

Documents in this collection are held by All Saints Anglican Network. They are not open for casual perusal, but copies of small numbers of them might be obtained by request to the parish office. For researchers, access would be subject to strict conditions, and by negotiation. It would be beyond the resources of the church to digitise so many items, particularly as they vary greatly in size, with some folded in ways that would be time-consuming to digitise.

This index does NOT include baptismal and marriage registers which have been handed to Libraries Tasmania archives, and are generally available for online searches. See information on our History Resources page.

Click this link to access the index. Once open, Ctrl+F is a good way to search the index once it is open on a computer.

St John’s Index of Correspondence – 1828 to 1978